Prayer is the way that we speak to God, and God speaks to us. Prayer is a most important part of every Christian’s relationship with God, and of course an intrinsic part of our life at St Christopher’s Church. Prayer is about asking God for help and guidance, but also about just spending time in God’s presence and waiting to hear God’s will for our lives.
Prayer is part of our Sunday and weekday services. On Sunday mornings the prayers of intercession (asking God’s help for others) are led by a member of the congregation. At Evening Prayer on Sundays there is an opportunity for anyone to take part with their own prayers, either out loud or silently.  
During this time without a vicar, we have 2 opportunities to pray for the vision, mission and future of St Christopher’s at Evening Prayer: on the 1st Sunday of each month, and on Wednesday mornings at 11.30am in the 3rd week of each month.
Prayer is also an integral part of our House groups, PCC, outreach to the local residential homes and in all our pastoral work.
The church is open for private prayer every week day from 9am to 2pm.


If you like to use the Book of Common Prayer or Commom Worship, them below feeds are worth having a look at: