House groups

House Groups are small groups of church goers who meet regularly, mostly once a month. They are great for learning more about how we can live our lives as Christians, deepen our faith and develop friendships.

Jesus Lifestyle

One group recently followed ‘The Jesus Lifestyle’ course – a series of video-based talks, which challenged us in our thinking and helped us to grow in our understanding of God and the Christian way of life.

One participant said “It has been great to share experiences with each other. We have all become good friends in the process and the House Group has become a regular highlight of each month.”

Another course has been following ‘Science and Belief’ devised by Prof. Russell Stannard, an eminent scientist in the field of particle physics. This has proved to be another great success, looking at controversial topics such as evolution and the Book of Genesis, creation, miracles and the laws of nature.

The Pilgrim Course
Several groups have also enjoyed the "Pilgrim Course". Pilgrim is a major new teaching and discipleship resource from the Church of England. It aims to help every local church create a place where people can explore the Christian faith together and see how it can be lived out each day.

Pilgrim is comprised of two stages: the Follow stage for those very new to faith, and the Grow stage for those who want to go further. Each stage contains four short six-session courses which focus on a major theme of Christian life.


We would very much like to accommodate anyone not yet in a House Group who feels they, too, would like to join in. Please let Rev. Caroline Mullins know if you’d like to be included on 020 8398 9095 (9am to 3pm) or email